How to change email password in DirectAdmin webmail Interface?

To change your email password directly within webmail, you typically need to follow these steps:

  1. Login to webmail: Access webmail by entering the URL in your web browser and logging in with your email address and current password.

  2. Access Settings: Once logged in, look for the settings option.

  3. Password: Within the settings, there is "Password"  section. Click on it.

  4. Enter Current Password: You'll be prompted to enter your current password.

  5. Enter New Password: You'll be prompted to enter your new password. Make sure your new password should be strong.

  6. Confirm New Password: You'll be prompted to confirm new password.

  7. Save Changes: After entering your new password, save your changes.

  8. Verify Password Change: Log out on current session and log back in using your new password to ensure that the change was successful.

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